Exposure to high quality industrial and logistics real estate assets

In the current environment, investors are risk conscious and searching for solutions offering the potential for income surety and long-term capital growth without significant risk.


Exposure to a real estate sector exhibiting resilience and strong fundamentals


Stability of income underpinned by the Fund’s long target WALE


Quarterly income distributions of 6.0% p.a. (Year 1)


Potential for long-term capital growth  

Fund Overview

The Fund will offer investors exposure to a national multi-asset portfolio of high quality industrial and logistics assets, focusing on those backed by institutional-grade tenants and operating in industries which exhibit strong fundamentals.


Prime industrial and logistics exposure

Targeting a portfolio of investment-grade property assets in a sector exhibiting resilience and strong long-term fundamentals.


Seeking to provide access to a national multi-asset portfolio diversified by location, sub sector and tenant exposure.

Stable quarterly income

Targeting reliable quarterly income distributions of 6.0% p.a. (year 1) secured by long lease tenures and institutional grade tenants.

Long term capital growth

Potential for long-term risk adjusted returns underpinned by investments in markets and assets demonstrating strong investment fundamentals.

Invest with a Quality Manager

Benefit from Moelis Australia’s active and opportunistic approach, strong real estate credentials, expertise and deep industry relationships.

Current Market Opportunity

Many investors are switching to a 'risk-off' strategy and focussing on capital preservation, income surety and security, and the potential for long-term capital growth without significant risk.

Real estate investments have historically delivered investors defensive and reliable cash flows.

The Australian industrial and logistics real estate sector has demonstrated strong growth and resilience in recent years which is expected to continue. This growth is underpinned by a range of positive long-term structural trends.

Fund Highlights

6.0% p.a.
Open-ended Australian wholesale unit trust
Wholesale Investors only
8+ years

How to Invest

For more information, including accessing a copy of the Information Memorandum and to arrange a discussion, please contact your local MA Asset Management representative.


Lee Hayes

Lee Hayes

Managing Director, Distribution

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Adam Mackie

Adam Mackie

Distribution Director

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James McCurley

James McCurley

Distribution Executive

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Aidan McCluskey

Aidan McCluskey

Distribution Manager

Tel: +61 (2) 8288 5545


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