Moelis Australia Fixed Income Fund



SIV Funds

 Moelis Australia SIV Funds (For SIV applicants post July 2015 / new complying investment rules)

Mandatory Investment

VCPE Funds


Emerging Companies / Small Caps Fund

Balancing Investments 60%

Commercial Property Fund

Bond Funds

Equity Funds

Venture Capital Limited Partnership (VCLP) Mandatory 10%

  • Meets complying investment requirements for the mandatory minimum investment of 10% (A$500,000) into a venture capital or private equity fund
  • The Moelis Australia Private Investment Fund is structured as an Australian domiciled venture capital limited partnership (VCLP) and is specifically designed for SIV investors
  • The VC fund will target later stage Australian based private (unlisted) companies in a diversified range of industries including agriculture, technology, food, health, education and tourism

Emerging Companies/Small Caps Fund Mandatory 30%

  • Meets complying investment rules for the mandatory minimum investment of at least 30% ($1,500,000) in a managed fund that invests in  Australian Emerging Companies (“Small Caps”)
  • Investments must primarily be ASX listed and have a market capitalization of less than  A$500m although a maximum of 20% can also be invested in Australian unlisted companies
  • Moelis Australia has a dedicated equity research team that cover Small Cap companies and is a specialist in this area

Commercial Property Funds Balancing investment 60%

  • The Moelis property fund was the first fund established specially for the SIV program
  • The fund has been designed to provide capital security and developed as a conservative safe investment which meets the SIV requirements
  • The fund seeks to invest into Australian commercial real estate in different asset classes located throughout the country
  • Australian commercial  real estate has experienced a very strong historical performance with a stable and transparent market, underpinned by low interest rates and strong capital flows from overseas

Bond Funds Balancing investment 60%

  • Offers several conservative alternatives investing in Australian corporate bonds with a focus on capital security and ensuring SIV compliance
  • The fund invests in bonds issued by major Australian financial institutions and corporations

Equity Funds Balancing investment 60%

  • Offers several options investing in equities listed on the ASX across a range of sectors including infrastructure and REITs
  • The funds are typically diversified by sector with a thematic focus on particular sectors of the Australian economy